movement for life

DJ Flidais


From the ground up, DJ Flidais weaves soft, sultry elements into a world of sharp beats 

and whirling melodies. With spontaneity, 

she permissions everyone to swing, shake, glide and sway.

Flash Mobs



 Love. Inclusivity. Equality. Community. Diversity. Together we rise! 

Witness Dance Activism in its full glory with Moveintuit Flash Mobs.


Embodiment Sessions



Move into a deeper understanding of yourself & your body. THIS is the space where your most valuable insights emerge! Practicing embodiment is KEY to a balanced, fulfilled life. 

Santa Cruz Hoop Dance



 Hoop Dance improves your mood, 

energy level, balance & coordination by merging improvisational dance with basic hoop technique. Unleash your unique style by allowing your natural instincts to emerge. 

Discover the grace and magic of continuous momentum through this remarkable flow art! 

Dance Films



Intuitive movement captured on film...
"I follow my innate rhythm until I am fully expressed, alive, whole. I dance in this way to know my edges, to claim my space, to ground, to remember my calling. I know I can heal my body, raise my energy, receive great insights and relax into my center when I find the silence between my thoughts…when I MOVE WITH this silence. It's a kind of peace."

Performance Art



 "We are opened by Moving. Through it, we can find a deeper way of connecting, helping, healing, and celebrating. When we dance with abandon and truly listen to the rhythm within, we become fully alive. "I dance because I have a deep yearning for kinesthetic joy. I dance for the health of our Earth. I dance to become a sacred vessel for music. ​I dance to give permission." -Brynne Flidais

give peace a dance



Brynne Flidais is an embodiment specialist. 

For over a decade, she has been holding space for groups and individuals to THRIVE through movement. 

She is passionate about sharing her somatic tools with people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and experience levels via private sessions, audio sessions, group movement laboratories, workshops and videos.


DJ / Emcee  ☆  Movement Facilitator  ☆  Performer / Hoop Dancer  ☆ Flash Mob Director ☆  Filmmaker 

Moveintuit : Soul Mission


"I believe moving intuitively is the most potent healing experience there is.   When we give space and time to delicious, untamed expression, we are freed up in body and soul to shift into a new way of being. I believe this practice is essential to maintaining a balanced, happy and healthy life." 

-Brynne Flidais

Carve out space to simply BE. Drop down and in. Experience your sensations as intelligence. Listen and surrender to the voice within. 

Move the rhythm of Earth through Body. 

Moveintuit sessions

Santa Cruz Dance Community


 Through free-form dance, we bring awareness to our physical, emotional and psychological patterns and how they live in the body. Our practice helps us discover ways to turn towards, move through, release and transform these patterns so that we may access more ALIVENESS both on and off the dance floor.  

"Dance is the fastest, most direct way to the Truth. Not some big truth that belongs to everybody... but the get-down-and-personal kind, the what's-happening-in-me-right-now kind of Truth."
-Gabrielle Roth  

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moveintuit sessions success stories


Ruselle - Massage Therapist


“The most potent part of my Moveintuit Session was staying with what IS, 

being truly Seen there, in it, not having to accommodate anyone else. 

I learned that all my feelings are valuable, deserving of listening, and 

attention - give them what they need and then they can SHIFT.”  


Lily — Student

“My Moveintuit Session with Brynne felt like a combination of movement 

practice, ritual, and healing session. Brynne beautifully held space for me to follow my inner guidance in exploring the intention I named for our session. She asked potent questions, gave helpful reflections, and encouraged me to go deep into emotional and energetic release - which left me feeling renewed and transformed by our time together.”  


Aliza — Singer/Songwriter

"The creative intelligence of my body is deeper than I realized!"